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Kevin Rafferty Houston

[Re]build a Home

Kevin Rafferty Houston

Dear Colleagues and Friends;

This holiday season, I am proud to share that I am a [Re]Builder, are you? A [Re]Builder is someone who believes that all of our neighbors deserve to live in safe, healthy and happy communities. If you want to learn more about what I mean, then let me introduce you to Rebuilding Together’s digital house which represents the home of n neighbor of yours, who may be a senior, veteran, or victim of disaster with limited income. Many of these homes have fallen into a state of disrepair, no longer making them safe, warm or dry. This digital house represents one of 2,600,000 homes within the United States that fall into this category. By clicking on one of the needed repairs and making a donation you can help us efficiently reduce that number, using your dollars and leveraging skilled and volunteer labor. I have been on several rebuild projects helping our neighbors across the country– many of which were still repairs from earlier disasters. Our neighbors in our community of Houston will be affected by the devastation of Hurricane Harvey for years to come. Each story is very similar to the ones highlighted when you click on a repair of the digital house. Neighbors helping neighbors in need.
I am honored to be a [Re]Builder and the Chairman of the Board of Rebuilding Together. Our national office and staff provide fundraising, advocacy and capacity building for our network of 132 local affiliates across the nation that respond to this ongoing need of our deteriorating housing stock. Last year our network used over 100,000 volunteers to repair over 10,000 homes. We also proactively responded to disasters along our Gulf and Atlantic coast obtaining additional grant funding for our local affiliates such as Houston, New Orleans and Baton Rouge.
Please help me reach my goal for this Digital House of $50,000.00 and become a [Re]Builder today. I can assure you that your donation will help us expand our reach and efficacy across the nation, and especially in our hometown of Houston.

Thank you.

Kevin Rafferty



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