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Repair Homes for our Neighbors in Need!

Luis Ramirez

[Re]build a Home

Luis Ramirez

As a lot of you know, Dalton and I bought our first house a little over a year ago. We quickly learned that home ownership is a lot of work, but we couldn't be happier to have a place to call our very own.

But for millions of neighbors across the country, home can mean something completely different - sickness, isolation, uncertainty, or even hopelessness.

This April is National Rebuilding Month, and I'm partnering with Rebuilding Together to help my neighbors in need live in a safe and healthy home.

Rebuilding Together is a national organization providing critical repairs to homes, revitalizing communities, and rebuilding lives for our neighbors across the country. Through a network of over 120 locally-based affiliates, Rebuilding Together is empowering entire communities to take a stand against hazardous housing and invest in their own people.

From fixing broken doors and windows, replacing roofing and floors, installing grab-bars and railings, responding when natural disasters strike, and so much more... Rebuilding Together is keeping our neighbors at home where they can thrive for generations to come.

I'm asking for your help to reach my ambitious goal of raising $1,000 before April is over to rebuild lives everywhere. Thank you!

- Luis

P.S. If you have a second, watch the video below to see how Rebuilding Together is really impacting lives!



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