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Kevin Bruckner

[Re]build a Home

Kevin Bruckner

Thank you for visiting my page! I started volunteering with Rebuilding Together Dutchess County in 2017 and was brought onto the Board of Directors last year. This organization provides such meaningful opportunities to give back to the community, all in an effort to ensure that our neighbors can remain warm, safe, and dry in their homes. I encourage you to take a look around, and, if you like what you see, invite you to join the [Re]Build movement!

Behind any front door…

…is a single mother trying to raise her son with a disability in a hazard-free home.
…is an older veteran living alone whose injuries make it difficult to get around the house.
…is a family who gives back to their community but finds it tough to make ends meet.

Behind every front door is a neighbor with a story. And starting December 1, we are launching our year-end campaign, Behind Every Front Door, to share how important our work is for neighbors struggling with unsafe housing.

But in order to continue our life-changing work in Dutchess County and create more stories of hope, we need help from [Re]Builders like you. Will you support your neighbors this December by helping us hit our goal of $10,000?

Every neighbor we serve has a story of a home. But what happens when a home becomes a dangerous place to be? With your partnership, we can support our neighbors—entering their homes and engaging in their stories—to help them remain in their homes and our communities safely.

Over the next few weeks, follow along on social media to see some amazing stories of neighbors in our community:

Facebook: @RTDutchess
Twitter: @RTDutchess
Instagram: @rtdutchesscounty

Our work is far from over, but I hope these stories will inspire you to join the [Re]Build movement and support our communities with a generous gift before December 31.

Thank you for your generosity this holiday season.



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