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Thank you for visiting. We invite you to join the [Re]Build movement during National Rebuilding Month. This April, Rebuilding Together Dutchess County will mobilize 150 volunteers to make improvements on 6 homes throughout Dutchess County totaling more than $200,000 in estimated market value. They will join 30,000 volunteers, donating 230,000 hours of service in rebuilding projects across the country during National Rebuilding Month.

[Re]Build is a movement to repair homes and revitalize communities across the country. Through [Re]Build, Rebuilding Together is accelerating its work to support families with young children, seniors, veterans, people with disabilities and victims of disaster. The goal of the campaign is to transform neighborhoods throughout the country into vibrant places, restoring pride, dignity and hope in every community.

We encourage you to click on the red [RE]BUILD A HOME link to see the impact of contributions from people like you. By visiting the various projects around the virtual home, you can learn more about how your donation, no matter what size gift, can improve the lives of our neighbors.

As a [Re]Builder, you are part of a movement of passionate individuals committed to improving homes, neighborhoods and communities and with your help, we will make sure everyone has a safe place to live. Your support has impact right here in Dutchess County and allows us to serve more homeowners in need.

P.S. From the [RE]BUILD A HOME page, you can click on the shield to see the impact of a $50 donation in providing life-saving smoke alarms. Or click on the hammer to see how your donation can fix a leaky roof – watch the video about Dorothy who is unable to prepare holiday dinners due to the water damage in her kitchen - donors like you will change her life.



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